What is fssai registration

FSSAI Registration is basically a 14 digit registration number which is used by the food related business & printed on the food products with license number. FSSAI Registration is required for each type of the business whether it's a trader or manufacturer or import export or dairy farms etc. if you are involved in the food processing or food manufacturing or packaging or distributing then its mandatory to required the FSSAI Registration or Food License.

Who Required FSSAI Registration

FSSAI Registration or Food License is required for all type of the food related business. Even if you are thinking to starting a food related business by way of food processing or manufacturing or distributor then its required from starting irrespective of the turnover. Its helps you in following way -

  • Increase your customer confidence in terms of safety
  • Helps in removal of multiple legal regulations.
  • Helps in promote innovative products

Type of FSSAI Registration

Basically for all the small food related business required legal registration to starting a business in India. In this legal registration business incorporation entity like private limited company or proprietorship firm etc are included. Apart from this you need other license like Food License or GST Registration etc. so Food License and FSSAI License are the same. There are mainly 3 type of the Food License or FSSAI License category which is required by each food related business.
​a) FSSAI Basic Registration -FSSAI Basic Registration is required by the small business which have turnover less than 12 lakh rupees in a year. So if you are just starting your business then its required only the basic FSSAI or Food License Registration. Turnover is calculated on the yearly basis.
b) FSSAI State License Registration -If you have already the FSSAI Basic Registration and cross the turnover of the 12 lakh rupees in a year but less than 20 Cr. rupees then its required the FSSAI State License Registration.
c) FSSAI Central License Registration -If you are starting import export business or want to supply at the government various department then its required the FSSAI Central License Registration.even it’s also required for the large scale turnover more than 20 Cr. in a year companies.

Advantages of GST


  • Currently, a startup spends a lot of time and energy to manage the various taxes at various points. It has to deal with VAT, Excise Duty, Service Tax, Octroi, Entry Tax etc. After GST, only one unified tax rate will be applicable. This brings in a major advantage to startup businesses by simplifying the process of tax payment.

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  • Earlier, any business that dealt with goods liable to pay VAT was required to get registration under the VAT act if the turnover crossed Rs. 5 Lakhs. As per the new GST, the limit shall be Rs. 10 lakhs which is a very good thing for startups. Also, businesses with turnover between Rs 10 and 50 lakh are expected to be taxed at a lower rate.

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  • Any new business needs to have a VAT registration from sales tax department. A business may have to follow unnecessary cumbersome process of registration which may be different in different States. GST will bring about uniformity in process of registration and will only require a centralized registration that will make starting business much simpler.
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  • There are many businesses that require the payment of not only Service Tax but also VAT. This makes the calculation for tax very complex. By implementation of GST, only one tax will be required to be calculated and paid. This will make the tax calculation easier.

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